lunes, 7 de abril de 2008


Mes 2 Semana 3 día 1

"The Pale Cast of Thought": suggests that if we gather a lot of info we will have more trouble coming to a decision. The more we know the more we know we don't know. Once we have made a decision, relief comes since we have relaxed and are finished. New Info comes in and we tend to ignore it. Success is relative to time, info gathering, and acting. If time is short gather lots, ask few questions and act. If time is long gather lots and ask lots and act and question again. We combat uncertainty by either acting rashly with minimum of info or gathering too much which may inhibit.
Dietrich Dörmer. The logic of failure

"lo intentaste, fracasaste, no importa, vuelve a intentarlo, vuelve a fracasar, fracasa mejor" Samuel Beckett

no hay tiempo para lamentaciones, al fin y al cabo

"-Estragon - Ya sabemos a qué atenernos. -Vladimir - No tenemos porqué inquietarnos." Beckett también

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midori dijo...

tu nunca fracasarías
si eso, aprenderías a hacerlo mejor